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The rules in the Haven Series 2017 Sailing Instructions shall apply.


2.1 The series is open to single-hulled sailing yachts owned by members of sailing clubs situated between Lowestoft and Burnham with:
a) A minimum waterline length of 5.2 metre and minimum stability indices of SSS 15 or STIX 23.

b) A valid International Racing Certificate.

2.2 Any yacht which has finished in or above third place overall within the preceding three calendar years must hold an Endorsed IRC Certificate before entering again. This requirement may be waived where the Committee is satisfied that there has been a bona fide change of ownership.

2.3 Yachts that rate higher than TCC 1.070 or do not fully comply with OSR Category 4 Mono-hulls will not be accepted for the Points Series without the Organising Committee’s special dispensation.

2.4 Notwithstanding anything stated or implied elsewhere, the Committee has the right to refuse any entry.


Boats must meet the minimum standards laid out in the current World Sailing Offshore Special Regulations Appendix B Special Regulations for inshore racing which include a functional engine with adequate fuel, and a marine VHF transceiver.

See Appendix A to this Handbook for further information on applicable safety and equipment regulations.


4.1 The Points Series entry form (annexed hereto and on the Haven Series Website), together with a copy of the IRC certificate and entry fees, should be sent to the Haven Series Secretary to arrive on or before 2 May 2017.

4.2 The Entry Fee for the Points Series is £110.

4.3 Late entries for the Haven Points Series will be accepted at the discretion of the Committee, but may not be included in any results calculations within 7 days of receipt.

4.4 A late entry received after four races have been sailed will compete for the individual six remaining race prizes, but will not be included in the Series Overall Winners calculation.


5.1 The IRC Series will be sailed on the following dates, starting and finishing in or near Harwich Harbour.

Sat 06 May  Race 1   Sun 07 May Race 2

Sat 10 June Race 3   Sun 11 June  Race 4

Sat 15 July Race 5   Sun 16 July Race 6

Sat 02 Sept Race 7   Sun 03 Sept  Race 8

Sat 16 Sept Race 9   Sun 07 Sept Race 10

5.2 The Haven IRC Series is a series of 10 races with three or less discards as follows –

Races sailed 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1

Races counted 7 7 6 6 5 5 4 3 2 1

5.3 The racing on the weekend 15 -16 July will be hosted by the 2017 Felixstowe Regatta and offer two extra races at no cost to the Haven Series Members. Yachts entered in the Haven Points Series will be automatically included in the full Regatta.

5.4 One race each day will count as Haven Race 5 and Race 6. Two races are scheduled each day, all completed will count for the Felixstowe Regatta Prizes.

5.7 A Part 2 supplementary Sailing Instruction with relevant Regatta Instructions will be produced nearer the date.

6. Start times
6.1 the start times for the first race of the day will be: Class 2 – 10:15, Class 1 – 10:30 (all times BST)

6.2 A second race may take place on the Saturday of the following weekend to re-sail an abandoned race.

7.  Classes The division between Class 1 and 2 will be:
Class 1 TCC 0.971 and above.
Class 2 TCC 0.970 and below.
The organising committee reserves the right to adjust class divisions before the Series if necessary.


8.1 The series will be scored according to the Low-Point Scoring System of RRS Appendix A  A4, as amended by Appendix A9 (Series longer than a Regatta). Ties will be broken in accordance with A7 and A8.

8.2 Results will be published on the Haven Series website: www.havenseries.org, and competitors will be notified by e-mail.


The Armada Cup and replica Armada Plate for the overall Series winner (Class 1 and 2 combined).

The Armada Trophy and Glassware for the Class Winner not winning the Overall Series.
And for individual races as follows: –

   CLASS 2                                                                             CLASS 1

Race 1     Lockwood Shield                                                    East Coast Sails Trophy

Race 2     WSC Clock and Barometer                                      Austin Farrar Trophy

Race 3     Howard Tankard                                                     The Cooley Cup

Race 4     Searles Tankard                                                      Searles Trophy

Race 5     WFYC Naze Trophy                                                  WFYC Bert Evans Trophy

Race 6     Chairman’s Shield                                                   John Dickinson Trophy

Race 7     RHYC Painting                                                         Parker’s Plate

Race 8     Chimp Trophy                                                         Leggett Salver

Race 9     RHYC President’s                                                    Trophy Eclipse Trophy

Race 10   Madge Wildfire Trophy                                            Starling Chart

The Landamore Trophy for the best Haven Series boat under IRC at the Felixstowe Regatta.

The Theadom Trophy will be presented to the boat with the most improved performance.

The Rig Magic Trophy will be for the highest ranking Sports boat in the Points Series

Other prizes may be awarded according to the number of entries.


Competitors compete in the Series entirely at their own risk. See RRS Rule 4, Decision to Race.
The organising authority will not accept any liability for material damage or personal injuries or death sustained in conjunction with or prior to, during, or after the Series.


Each participating boat shall be insured with valid third-party insurance with a minimum cover of £2,000,000 per incident or the equivalent.


12.1 The Cutler Trophy results will be taken from club team rankings in Haven Points Race 7 on 2nd September and Race 8 on 3rd September.  If either of these races are not sailed, the results of Race 9 then Race 10 will count.

12.2 The Rules – Are as stated at Section 1 above. The “Team Racing” rules of RRS Appendix D shall not apply.

12.3 Eligibility – The competition is only open to boats entered in the 2017 Haven Points Series before.

12.4 Teams – Each club may enter one team comprising three boats plus one reserve.
 The Haven Series Secretary must have the boat names of the selected team and reserve before Friday 18th Aug.

 Two or more clubs may jointly enter a combined team provided that none of them enters a separate team in its own name, and that all other eligibility criteria are met.

The Haven Points Series 2017

Out here  “It’s Man vs The Elements”


The organising authority is the Haven Series Committee.

The Haven Points Series

 is a series of 10 races

sailed over 5 weekends Between

6 May and 17 September


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